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Adventures of Danny Marsdon
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Adventures of Danny Marsdon

Adventures of Danny Marsdon was a Canadian radio series broadcast in 1948. The show featured a newspaper editor Danny Marsdon's quest of a national identity with the help of his assistant Nelly. Danny Marsdon and Nelly conducted interviews which led to discussions on political, social, and economic issues of national importance.

To report on a topical issue for his newspaper, Danny and Nelly take a road trip interviewing Canadians from all walks of life around the country. The show has a flair of anti big and intrusive government and promotes freedom, democracy, and free enterprise.

Show Name Date Aired
Out of the Ivory Tower October 16, 1948
The Farmer December 22, 1948
Citizenship December 15, 1948
The Friend Nobody Loved December 8, 1948
Education December 1, 1948
Taxes November 25, 1948
National Unity November 18, 1948
Social Security November 11, 1948
Communism November 3, 1948
Free Enterprise October 27, 1948
What is a Canadian? October 20, 1948
World Trade December 29, 1948

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